Happy at work !

Happiness in the company? And what if it was now? And what if it especially depended on me?

As a leader, what can I do, here, right now, to improve my staff’s well-being, these women and men who contribute daily to our company’s efficiency?

This question is central. This question is simple. 

Happiness, if they want it…

In the responses that we can bring to this “humanist” issue, experience has taught me to avoid a major stumbling block: we do not impose happiness on our staff, we offer it to them.

For us, the leaders, this means accepting not to succeed in embarking everyone in this collective endeavor, accepting the limits of our good will.

Working on the emergence of happiness and on consent

My mission with private structures and associations is to create the favorable conditions so that staff members express proposals in this area, as these aspirations go beyond the traditional framework of wage claims or means.

My aim is to make the idea of happiness grow, get the employees to consent to that, and then make it emerge in concrete terms on a daily basis.

Success in this happiness “cutting” within an organization most often requires work on the purpose, vision and values, as well as establishing a greater authenticity in the managerial relationship. ■

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